BEIT COMPANY is a creative and artistic entertainment group working worldwide in the field of music, cultural events management and unconventional show conception.

BEIT COMPANY works with public institutions, event & communication agencies and private companies to provide them art & creative direction, live music and performances, avant-garden tecnhcologies and by doing the communicaton and the full management of them.

BEIT COMPANY works with a professional team made by artists, creative directors, set&light designers, video makers, photographers and any kind of creative figure essential to realise a great show.

BEIT COMPANY has been founded in Brussels by the show director Stefano Pesca behind  the idea to develop an international network of creative, highly motivated and passionate show agencies and people.


BEIT COMPANY owns the format of concert on balconies called VERTICAL STAGE SESSION. Check hereunder our website:

BEIT COMPANY has also a branch specialized in concerts and live shows called BEIT LIVE. Check hereunder our website: